A tan wicker bag sits atop a stool. A woman's hand is reaching for the handle, which is wrapped in a bright yellow satin scarf.
Rectangular, folded, bright yellow satin scarf held on a clothesline by two clothespins in front of a light beige background
Slender black woman in a black tube top with straight brown hair below her shoulders wearing a shiny, bright yellow scarf tied in a knot behind her head.
Black woman sits on top of a stool, wearing a white ruffle shirt and jeans. She has a bright yellow scarf as a headband in her curly afro and is holding a wicker bag that has a bright yellow scarf tied around its handle.

Sunshine | Standard

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Bright yellow solid satin, a simple square design in a shiny satin material.

  • Materials: 100% Polyester 
  • Size: 35" x 35" / 90cm x 90cm, square, tile size.
  • Similar to color code: #fee0c