In college, I spent most of my time in class, in the lab, or in the library. I didn’t have time to worry about looking cute, but I at least wanted to look decent, so I’d tie a satin scarf on my head, put on a hoodie and some sweats and be on my merry way. When I decided to create Doves of Dawn, I had the college version of me in mind. The girl that was ballin on a budget but still wanted to show her sense of style. 

Satin scarves have become a part of my everyday lifestyle. I wear them when I go to work on set, to the store, and around the house. You can dress them up and down, wear them as a top or throw it over your shoulder as a bag. There could be a room full of women with the exact same scarf, but each tied in a different way. 

They’re easy to navigate, extremely versatile, and best of all, they’re affordable!

So if you’re looking for a cute asset to your accessory collection, look no further. Doves of Dawn gotcha covered!